AFX Creative is a multidisciplinary studio based in Los Angeles specializing in visual effects, virtual production, offline, finishing and color.

From concept to delivery, AFX Creative offers bespoke craftsmanship in post-production to realize solutions for every project, whatever the scale. We are a fiercely collaborative team of artists with an unwavering commitment to quality, empowering our clients to push into every corner of what’s possible.


AFX Creative is a pioneering force in the realm of LED stage production, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create awe-inspiring visual experiences. 

At the heart of our operation lies a profound understanding of the intersection between artistry and technology. AFX Creative's skilled team of experts seamlessly integrates LED panels, lighting systems, and advanced software to design and execute immersive stage productions that leave audiences spellbound. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that each pixel, color, and movement harmoniously aligns with the artistic vision, producing mesmerizing displays of vibrant imagery, dynamic animations, and synchronized lighting effects. Through their expertise in LED stage production, AFX Creative crafts captivating narratives, transports viewers to otherworldly realms, and amplifies the emotional impact of live performances, making them an unparalleled force in the realm of visual spectacle.